It’s Almost Time for FOOT!

Hello FOOTies! Hope your summers are lovely and full of sunshine. Getting ready for FOOT? Before you pack, check out the official packing list. Tried and true, stick to this trusty list and you’ll be ready to go! If you have any questions or need a hand finding gear, send an email to our summer coordinators. Have a great rest of the summer. See you soon! 


Register for Yale’s First-Year Outdoor Orientation Trips!

Hello everyone! Congratulations on committing to Yale Class of 2021!

Registration for Yale’s First-Year Outdoor Orientation Trips (FOOT) is live! FOOT is an outdoor pre-orientation backpacking trip that will take you trekking through the wonders of the New England outdoors, help you make your first best friends at Yale, connect you with upperclassmen mentors, and make some of the best memories of your Yale College career! No experience  is necessary and we even offer a range of trips, from 4-day to 6-day, as well as service and day trips. FOOT trips are very popular and each year, about 1/3 of each incoming class embarks on FOOT trips. 

Please register through the *OrgSync portal* If you have any questions, comments, or would just like to express your enthusiasm for FOOT, please direct your emails to poobahs@gmail.com or footsummercoordinators@gmail.com. The deadline to register is July 1st.

See in the fall!


FOOT at Bulldog Days

Greetings Class of 2021 and welcome to Bulldog Days!! FOOT’s schedule of events for this extravaganza is below.

Monday, 4/24: 
2-5 PM: Games on Old Campus : Spend a sunny afternoon playing your favorite games with some of your favorite people and meet other prefrosh!

Tuesday, 4/25:
1:30-3:30 PM: Extracurricular Bazaar (PWG): Come find us to learn more about FOOT, collect some cool leaflets, pamphlets, and M&M’s!

10:30 PM - 12 AM: Dessert Torts n’ S’mores (Old Campus): MMMMMmm! Come explore the phenomenon of the dessert tort. And wrap up your BDD with good company.

What is FOOT? First-Year Outdoor Orientation Trips!

We invite you to join us for an experience that many students say is one of the most formative and important of their time at Yale. On FOOT, you will sleep under the stars, share stories and songs around the campfire, create a new tight-knit community of friends, enjoy discovering the Northeastern landscape, and spend time discussing what life at Yale will be like.

FOOT offers a unique wilderness experience to 400 incoming Yale first-year and transfer students each year!  In late August, trained upperclassmen lead preorientation backpacking trips to five scenic locations throughout the Northeast.

You do NOT need to be an experienced backpacker to participate in FOOT.  FOOT is for everyone and is an appropriate (and exciting!) choice for students from all backgrounds.  The trips are designed to all levels of experience – both novices and skilled mountaineers will find them rewarding.  The primary goal of FOOT is to help ease the transition into life at Yale. You will find the hike both exciting and rewarding!

Online registration for FOOT will become active in the Spring of 2017. We are excited for you to register!

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