FOOT Leaders 2014

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Class of 2014

Aaron Lewis
Branford College
Savannah, Georgia

What do you get when you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?

Abby Eurich
Pierson College
Denver, Colorado

Stinky feet don’t phase this friendly leader. Abby loves campfires, hiking, singing, and laughing. Hope to see you on the trail!!

Ali Friedman
Pierson College
Nashville, Tennessee

Ali loves to be outside, read, greet strangers warmly, play musical instruments, and run around barefoot! As a senior, she knows she’ll miss FOOT, premed classes (…), teaching health education in New Haven, and the general magic of Yale next year.

Amanda Hall
Branford College
Farmington, Maine

Amanda plays rugby and likes finding other excuses to be outside. Fall is her favorite season, and she promises that she will sit or kneel at any time if there is the chance to play with a fluffy dog.

Amelia Earnest
Pierson College
Richmond, Virgina

Studying Global Affairs, Amelia enjoys writing and traveling. She spent the last summer writing for a social justice publication in South Africa and is interested in pursuing journalism after graduation. In her free time, she volunteers with a refugee family and spends time outdoors hiking and running.

Amy Napleton
Trumbull College
Chicago, Illinois

Amy is the youngest of eight kids and wants to be an OB/GYN so she can deliver more than eight kids.  She highly recommends Chicago.

Andrew Marburg
Silliman College
Wilmington, North Carolina

Andrew enjoys surfing, rock climbing, and fiddling around on the guitar. His favorite past time, though, is eating large quantities of food with the intention of falling asleep afterwards.

Andrew Winter
Branford College
Lyme, Connecticut

Andrew is a Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry major and head the Routes Core. Other interests include: hiking, skiing, frisbee and sustainable engineering.

Angelica Calabrese
Morse College
Vernon, Connecticut

Though she occasionally goes undercover as a fruit ninja, Angelica also enjoys cooking Italian food, going on adventures in far-away countries, and breakin’ it down on the dance floor. She thinks FOOT is the best thing ever and is so lucky to have been able to lead two wonderful FOOT trips!

Ariel Kirshenbaum
Calhoun College
Newton, Massachusetts

Ariel once ate a FOOTie. RIP Steve. (You too, Beth)

Caroline Lester
Ezra Stiles College
Brookline, Massachusetts

As a second-semester senior majoring in Humanities, Caroline is currently looking for employment, pretty much anywhere. Her skills include bear-bagging, chicken-whispering (see attached photo), and law and order trivia games. If interested, please contact Thank you for your consideration.


Caroline Smith
Davenport College
Lexington, Kentucky

Caroline bikes and climbs and slacks and tosses the bee.


Claire Donnelley
Calhoun College
Berkeley, California

Claire’s childhood was spent juggling, unicycling, backpacking through Yosemite, waterskiing, riding her horse, and running around on the beach and she now spends most of her time studying molecular biology, singing in the Glee Club, and working at an HIV/AIDS clinic. After graduating, Claire plans to live in Malawi for a year studying pregnancy malaria before heading off to medical school.

Courtney Halgren
Ezra Stiles College
Madison, New Jersey // London, England

Courtney still wears her retainers at night and makes her bed every morning. There are few things better than straight teeth and clean sheets.

David Cruz
Saybrook College
Austin, Texas

David knows for a fact two isn’t always better than one. After all, if you had two dogs attacking you, that wouldn’t be better, now, would it?


Debby Abramov
Ezra Stiles College
Norfolk, Virginia

Debby enjoys hiking and hanging with friends.  She wishes she could do FOOT every August for the rest of her life.


Emily Klebanoff
Calhoun College
Seattle, Washington

Emily loves hiking, singing, and cheese.  All kinds of cheese.

Eric Fishman
Saybrook College
Newton, Massachusetts

Eric really, really likes bunny bunny.

Ericka Saracho
Ezra Stiles College
Los Angeles, California

Although far from LA, family has continued to be of extreme importance for this young Angelena and she has luckily been blessed with a sense of home and belonging within the communities of FOOT and Women’s Rugby. She also LOVES eating mashed potatoes with RuPaul, her cat (pictured above).


Evan Mullen
Trumbull College
Thetford, Vermont

Evan grew up in the woods (end of dirt road, no neighbors, lots of wood stacking) and he’s been trying desperately to get back to them via FOOT. He’s graduating soon (oh well) but is very happy that FOOT will survive him.


Ira Slomski-Pritz
Davenport College
Winnetka, Illinois

Ira has spent the past 3.5 years savoring every moment he has spent with the FOOT community. Mountain trails, river-swimming, storytelling, mac+cheese, friendly faces + lots of hugs– he loves it all.

Isaiah Lyons-Galante
Timothy Dwight College
Cambridge, Massachusetts

It’s Isaiah’s half birthday today!

Jake Keaney
Pierson College
Hingham, Massachusetts

Jake enjoys reading, walking through the woods, and settling the green pastures of Catan. And using pasta water to make hot chocolate, then kicking it up a notch with tabasco. Yum yum!


Jenn Lawrence
Pierson College
New York, New York

Jenn is a Classics major and spends her time listening to hip hop. And eating egg rolls.


Joel Sircus
Trumbull College
Chicago, Illinois

Joel is a muggle, polyamorous, and regional chapter president of the Rosie O’Donnell fan club. He hikes mostly so that he continue his multi-sensory communication with KanPooFerAt, the mystical goddess of birch bark, Cilla’s house, and the TV show Dexter.


Maren Hopkins
Davenport College
Boulder, Colorado

Maren’s a Colorado girl at heart.  Sunshine or snow, she loves to be in the mountains, hiking, skiing, climbing– you name it!

Margaret Van Cleve
Calhoun College
St. Louis, Missouri

Margaret loves the color pink, the St. Louis Cardinals, and FOOT! Her role model is her older sister Sarah and her spirit animal is her younger brother Billy.


Mark Trapani
Jonathan Edwards College
Rancho Palos Verdes, California

Dynamite comes in a small package.

Natalie Akers
Saybrook College
Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Natalie is a native of Western Mass and Saybrook College studying Sustainability and Agriculture.  When she’s not reading about cows, Natalie loves to draw, ski, play club soccer, FOOT, look for cool architecture and participate in all things intramural.

Nimal Eames-Scott
Berkeley College
Lewiston, Maine

Nimal just likes his bike and the blues.

Omar McKenzie
Jonathan Edwards College
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Omar likes snowboarding, music and food. FOOT was the first time he’d ever been backpacking!

Ric Best
Pierson College
Chicago, Illinois

Ric has got the best booty in FOOT. Seriously, look at that thang. Despite his wit and friendly personality, he can’t help but wonder if he was only picked to be a FOOT leader for his body.

Sally Helm
Berkeley College
Los Angeles, California

Sally WISHES she had magical powers of some kind. Any kind!! Maybe they’ll appear some day soon, she hopes. She loves FOOT.

Sarah Maslin
Trumbull College
Madison, Wisconsin

Sarah has sprained and broken both ankles rock climbing, hiking in the dark, and dancing to bluegrass music in Sperry’s. She continues to do all three dangerous activities, but now always wears Vasque hiking boots with top-notch ankle support.

Sarah Rosales
Calhoun College
Menlo Park, California

Sarah is known for laughing loudly and often, distributing baked goods in libraries around campus, repping Calhoun on the IM fields, and saying silly things like “errbody in da club.”  Also, her little brother is the coolest kid on campus.


Sophie Nethercut
Ezra Stiles College
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sophie likes mountains, mountain dew, and mountain goats. She’s also particularly fond of Redwood trees, Gabriel García Márquez, and coffee gelato.


Tao Tao Holmes
Branford College
Ashfield, Massachusetts

Tao Tao grew up climbing trees, rolling in dirt, and jumping in leaves. She plays on the Yale club soccer team and has done a lot of campus writing, but is still of the opinion that you’ll never find a better community than the FOOT family.


Wesley DeVoll
Silliman College
Pasadena, California

FOOT is Wesley’s favorite part of Yale! His FOOTies have never been tired, wet, sick, hungry, bored, lost, or scared.

Will Kronick
Silliman College
Knoxville, Tennessee

Will hopes to welcome new students to Yale in the best setting: the New England mountains. Will’s favorite passions are America’s economic history, Constitution and mountains (please rank in reverse order).