FOOT Leaders 2015

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Class of 2015

Abby Johnson
Jonathan Edwards College
Montclair, New Jersey

Abby grew up in the big cities of NYC and Washington D.C. before moving to the Garden State which has more gardens and wildlife than most people think.  When she is not trekking to one of the gardens that the state is so famous for, she likes to bake cookies and muffins, chill with friends, and go running.

Abigail Carney
Jonathan Edwards College
Grafton, Ohio

When Abigail was three years old, she wanted to be a firetruck when she grew up. She likes guacamole.


Adam Goff
Ezra Stiles College
Elkins Park, Pennsylvania

Adam loves hiking, farming, and blues dancing. He looks completely ridiculous whilst doing each.

Adrian Chiem
Jonathan Edwards College
Chicago, Illinois

“Joy, I really love the ______ you’re wearing! Can I try it on?” he asked, as a manic glint appeared in his 60% cacao brown eyes.


Andrew Cordova
Silliman College
Albuquerque, New Mexico

How would Andrew describe himself? Three words: Hardworking, alpha male, jackhammer, merciless, insatiable.

Austin Jaspers
Trumbull College
East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Boats against the current.

Ben Burke
Pierson College
North Andover, Massachusetts

Ben is a Boston loving, Irish yankee, so naturally a die hard Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox, and Bruins fan! He is a Chemical Engineer, but he also is one of the club hockey captains, he runs one of the soup kitchens on campus and of course and most importantly he loves FOOT!!!

Bobby De La Rosa
Pierson College
El Paso, Texas

Architect, photographer, coffee enthusiast. Proud Texan.

Brandon Boyer
Trumbull College
Chugiak, Alaska

Some of his many interests include: national parks, baseball, samurai, beating JE, rocks & minerals, Thailand, and history.

Carlos Gould
Trumbull College
Bloomington, Indiana

Carlos likes the Andes — mints and mountains.

Connor Wiik
Berkeley College
Wrentham, Massachusetts

Connor is a Chemical Engineering major with a passion for alternative energy and he plays Flanker for the Rugby team. He also plays the drums and love skiing, grilling, and Boston sports.


David Mandelbaum
Ezra Stiles College
New York, New York

David likes frozen yogurt, making tortilla chips, and napping on FOOT.

Denzil Bernard
Silliman College
Mt. Vernon, New York

Denzil loves FOOT. He loves other things as well, like football, soccer, music, Japanese, kickboxing, massages, and other random stuff. But mostly FOOT. Being from New York he never really had the opportunity to hike. However, after doing FOOT freshman year with awesome people (some of whom are among his best friends today) he loves it, and it has definitely been one of the best decisions he’s made at Yale!


Emily Rutland
Berkeley College
Madison, New Jersey

In addition to being a FOOT leader, Emily is a member of the Varsity Lacrosse team and works for Bulldog Sustainability. She also loves playing tennis, running, hiking, reading, and being outdoors!


Eric Sirakian
Jonathan Edwards College
Andover, Massachusetts

Eric loves stories and long walks in the woods. He stays unusually clean on the trail, and he is proud of this fact.


Evi Steyer
Timothy Dwight College
San Francisco, California

Evi was once reprimanded for being too vigorous on the dance floor and potentially endangering those around her. This advice went in one ear, rattled around for a second, and tangoed its way right out the other ear.


Field Rogers
Timothy Dwight College
Waterville, Vermont

Field grew up in the wilds of the Green Mountains before venturing into the wilds of New Haven. She plays violin, creates delicious FOOT food, and climbs trees, sometimes at the same time.


Gordon McCambridge
Branford College
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

If there was a competition for endurance trail singing, Gordon would be a champ. His favorites are “Lola”, “Pursuit of Happiness”, and anything they played at your middle school dances.

Grace Lindsey
Branford College
New York, New York

A little gnome fact about Grace is that she believes that the FOOT food principle of delicious+delicious=delicious applies to her fashion sense as well.

Gracia Vargas
Davenport College
Stamford, Connecticut

This girl is as much a creature of habits as an adventurous soul - she loves tradition, but she also loves trying new things! Since starting college, a lot of new experiences have become her favorite things to do around campus, including playing club lacrosse, eating family dinner with her suite mates and best friends in Davenport, and hiking and becoming friends with the coolest kids on campus through FOOT!

Halley Kaye-Kauderer
Berkeley College
New York, New York

Halley is a city girl from New York with the heart and adventure of a girl in the mountains.  She likes climbing, sushi, hugs and traveling the world. 


Jacob Rosenberg-Wohl
Davenport College
San Francisco, California

Even when not trekking through the wilderness, Jacob enjoys eating massive quantities of cheese!


Jake Dawe
Trumbull College
Wall, New Jersey

Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, Jake lived in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.


Jane Darby Menton
Silliman College
Tallahassee, Florida

Sunshiney girl from the sunshine state, into good reads, good teas and freckles.

Jessica Miller
Calhoun College
Rock Hill, South Carolina

Jessica hails from South Carolina and is a lover of all things FOOT. Jessica can often be found eating, doing theater on campus, or dreaming of large mountains/fresh air/and GORP.


Jessie Garland
Davenport College
Bethesda, Maryland

Jessie is from Bethesda MD but I say DC. She makes oatmeal cookies in the woods.


Joy Shan
Calhoun College
Shreveport, Louisiana

Joy’s favorite colors are mint and saffron, and her favorite ice cream flavors are coffee and pistachio. Her favorite game is to guess the favorite color and ice cream flavor of people she meets.

Kate Wiener
Calhoun College
Greenwich, Connecticut

Kate loves all types of people, places, and food - everything that FOOT is about!

Kevin Kirk
Ezra Stiles College
Springfield, New Jersey

Kevin prides himself mainly on two things: caring deeply about the emotional well-being of his FOOTies, and the ability to stomach cold, soggy, dirty, tabasco-flavored couscous without grimacing. But mostly on the first one…Kevin really does love his FOOTies.

Kiera Rose
Pierson College
Cave Junction, Oregon

Kiera love bagels. And FOOT.

Kyra Morris
Berkeley College
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Kyra was born and raised in the city of Boston but will take any excuse to go into mountains and explore! She loves just about any outdoor activity, but especially running, skiing, and hiking. At Yale she dances with A Different Drum and works for the Yale Sustainable Food Project.


Laura DiNardo
Morse College
Boston, Massachusetts

I love the mountains / I love the rolling hills / I love the flowers / I love the daffodils / I love the fireside / When all the lights are low/

Boom-dee-a-da, boom-de-a-da, boom-de-a-da, boom-de-a-da, boom-de-a-da, boom

Lauren Tronick
Silliman College
Los Angeles, California

Lauren likes mountains, friends, and music. She likes climbing those mountains and singing on top of them with those friends.


Logan Kozal
Berkeley College
Guilford, Connecticut

After retiring as the face of Oral-B Brush Ups Logan went on to teach at a boys prep school, inspiring them through poetry to support one another’s individual expression and to seize the day. Rip, Slip, Brush, AHHH!!!!

Mackenzie Naert
Berkeley College
Dallas, Texas

Mackenzie loves traveling all over, eating birthday cake ice cream, laughing, penguins/ puffins, the color purple, discovering new fake meat products, making smoothie popsicles, wearing socks with sandals, making beautiful study guides, and all of her friends.


Mary Holderness
Branford College
Greensboro, North Carolina

Into fake moustaches and temporary tattoos. Likes to pull out the play-the-piano-upsidedown-halfway-through-a-concert-duet-piece trick. Dunno where her heart’s gone to, but she thinks she left my soul in Marseille, France.


Max Gordon
Saybrook College
New Rochelle, New York

Max’s favorite dining hall is Saybrook. It’s the best dining hall. The long table in the middle is really cool.


Megan Opatrny
Ezra Stiles College
Mentor, Ohio

Some things that make Megan happy: piles of leaves, lazy Sundays, notebook doodles, mushroom pizza, movie nights, and FOOT!

Nate Toppelberg
Saybrook College
Brookline, Massachusetts

Member of the FireBloods Order; can anyone help me become a Jedi?

Onagh MacKenzie
Silliman College
Naples, New York

Onagh’s spirit vegetable is rhubarb and she’s pretty sure that real maple syrup is her soul mate. Her life goal is to have a brick oven pizza restaurant combined with hot chocolate bar and hand-made journal and special sock store. And, she wants to go hiking with YOU!


Otis Blum
Berkeley College
Los Angeles, California

When Otis isn’t being a FOOT Leader, he is acting in plays, snowboarding, supporting the Los Angeles Lakers, pondering modern art, and bumping music.


Paul Parell
Trumbull College
Versailles, Kentucky

Twice a bulldog but a wildcat in spirit, Paul is a bluegrass boy at heart who loves whistling and talking with squirrels. Growing up on a farm has given him a great appreciation for the outdoors, and he’s no stranger to incubating turkey eggs, training bird dogs, or cane pole fishing.

Rachel Tobin
Davenport College
Los Angeles, California

Rachel loves California (her hometown), guac and chips, and soccer!!

Riley Rice
Berkeley College
Myrtle Creek, Oregon

Riley likes trees, things with wheels, and rock climbing.

Sophie Miller
Berkeley College
Los Angeles, California

After a child career in toothpaste commercials, Sophie began her soul searching bildungsroman eating her way through Italy, praying in the temples of India, and finding true love in Bali.


Talya Lockman-Fine
Pierson College
New York, New York

If Talya had to eat one food for the rest of my life it would be Yale’s bakeshop granola, which they feed you on FOOT. If she saw the world in black and white and one additional color, she’d want that color to be blue.


Tommy Bazarian
Trumbull College
Falmouth, Maine

Tommy knows two jokes and this one is his favorite: What did 0 say to 8? Nice belt!


Valerie Eisenson
Saybrook College
Wayland, Massachusetts

Val’s favorite breakfast is Raisin Bran with almond milk and a cut-up banana in a mug. Also you don’t want to know how many times she have seen Taylor Swift in concert.

Zana Davey
Berkeley College
Sun Valley, Idaho

Zana likes food in bowls, powder days, birds, and talking about Idaho.  She spends forty percent of her time on the computer reading food blogs.