FOOT Leaders 2017


Class of 2017

Aaron Troncoso
New York, New York

Aaron loves hiking, vegetarian sushi, and the first sip of a peach Snapple. He is double majoring in romance and robotics, because after he graduates, he'd like to be a love machine ;)

Abby Dutton
South Royalton, Vermont

Abby has 1 dog, 2 cats, 90 cows and a lifelike plastic fish operated by a magnet. Her parents still do not trust her with a real one.

Abby Elder
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Abby loves FOOT!  She plays viola in the Yale Symphony Orchestra.  She also enjoys singing, running, hiking, cooking, theater, and traveling!

Abigail Schneider
New York, New York

Abigail loves putting on warm socks right out of the dryer. Her spirit animal is a walrus. Sometimes, at fancy restaurants, she plays with the melted wax from the little candles on the tables.

Adam Echelman
New York, New York

There's a lot more to life than being really really ridiculously good looking--there's FOOT.

Alex Simon
Los Angeles, California

Alex loves chocolate, mountains, and Trumbull dining hall. She wishes she could sing because that seems like an awesome thing to do in the woods. Her spirit animal is the hippopotamus.

Amin Mirzadegan
Saratoga, California

Amin is going to law school because he loves torts so much.

Analia Del Bosque
Calumet, Illinois

Analia (ah-nuh-lee-ah, or Ana for short) grew up in a suburb of Chicago, but spends so much time in the city, you may as well consider her a Chicagoan. She loves reading, painting, photography, the color purple, butterflies, Taylor Swift, telling boarding school stories that her friends have already heard a million times, mint chocolate chip ice cream, chai tea lattes from the Bass cafe, being uber competitive at cards, spending time with her friends and family, and all things FOOT!

Angelo Pis-Dudot
Miami, Florida

Angelo enjoys shredding the gnar, Cuban espresso, and, naturally, the out-of-doors.

Brandon Hudik
Bordentown, New Jersey

Brandon had never used rocks before coming to FOOT. Now, he never uses toilet paper. His mom’s garden hasn’t been the same since.

Calvin Harrison
Oro Valley, Arizona

Calvin’s interests include avocados, pretending to know French, and riding the subway. His favorite punctuation mark is the semicolon; his favorite grammatical structure is parallelism. if he were a plant, he would be prickly pear cactus, but that would make him a pretty bad FOOT leader, wouldn’t it?

Carlin Zia
Exeter, New Hampshire

Not a supermodel, just a girl. Carlin is a flannel-wearing, bird-watching, book-reading varsity lacrosse player who enjoys good company and good conversation and holding hot cups of coffee until they go cold. She believes in laughter and driving a stick-shift car and taking the stairs two at a time.

Charlotte Clinger
Arlington, Virginia

Charlotte has been described by friends as "sort of funny." She has also achieved sort of proficiency in knitting, making pancakes, and applying sunscreen.

Charlotte Weiner
Arlington, Massachusetts

Charlotte loves muddy soccer games, New Yorker cartoons, cream cheese brownies, and the word aplomb. Her greatest claim to fame is having pitched in her town's AA Little League baseball championship game as the only girl in the league, representing the Arlington Red Sox at age eight.

Christina Alvarado
New Lenox, Illinois

Christina is an untethered soul that enjoys playing the guitar barefoot under a full moon, reading poetry by campfire light, and peering from lofty precipices into depthless chasms. She is a firm believer in the wisdom of The Dude, the prowess of Chuck Norris, and the healing powers of cornfields. Christina warns you that in any given conversation, she will most definitely overuse the outdated expression "'righteous" because it's a totally righteous expression, man. Also, FOOT is totally righteous, man.

Clara Yang
Los Angeles, California

Clara likes her kitchen, where she can do her three favorite things all at once: bake, dance and eat.

Cole Moran
Windham, Maine

Cole loves the color green, wooden boards, moose, and FOOT; but, he does not like green, wooden, moose feet.

Daniel Judt
New York, New York

One day, Daniel found a lucky penny. He picked it up, put it in his pocket, and then lost it. Since then, he has lived a relatively lucky life. He thinks a lot about what would have happened if he hadn’t lost the penny. He also likes Vermont and motorbikes. Ask him about moterbikes, he will GLADLY tell you all about them.

Dante Archangeli
Tucson, Arizona

Dante’s FOOT prefers to be called Mico. His FOOT hikes, pedals its bike, makes torts, and seduces female feet. Dante’s FOOT is well-dressed. It only wears the finest merino wool, because of its superior wicking qualities.  Wicking has enabled Dante’s FOOT to travel and rock climb in Tokyo’s Ogowayama, Barcelona, Thailand, and the Highball Boulders of Bishop. Dante’s big toe is named Chazz and his pinky toe is named Jon Chen.

Dylan Onderdonk-Snow
Aiken, South Carolina

The Australian emu most closely approximates Dylan. Just like Dylan, emi are "soft-feathered, brown, and flightless and reach nearly 2 metres (6.6 ft) in height. They have long thin necks and legs. They travel great distances at a fast, economical trot and, if necessary, can sprint at 50 km/h (31 mph). They are opportunistically nomadic and may travel long distances to find food; they feed on a variety of plants and animals. They are curious, and are known to follow and watch other animals and humans. They may be recognized by the loud sounds they emit by manipulating an inflatable neck sac."

Emily Silva
Williamstown, Massachusetts

Emily wishes she were Sal from Blueberries for Sal.

Emma Ryan
Weybridge, Vermont

Emma loves frolicking outdoors in any capacity, whether it be hiking, running, swimming, dancing at music festivals, or rolling down hills.  She loves traveling and making new friends, and is always up for a road trip.

Emmet Hedin
Winona, Minnesota

Emmet grew up as a free-range kid on a big farm in southeast MN. He roamed the bluffs, built forts, and battled the elements with his brothers before realizing (in a traumatic turn of events during the fourth grade) that he couldn't be Davy Crockett when he was older. Hopes dashed, he settled down to a life of baseball, school, cello, and friends until...FOOT arrived and he donned his coonskin cap, ready to venture into the wild once more!

Ginna Doyle
Saint Louis, Missouri

Ginna wishes she could major in extra curriculars--her favorite being singing in her a cappella group, playing violin in YSO, and acting in plays. So far the only practical use of her affinity for the performing arts is the array of ridiculous facial expressions that garner many likes on the embarrassing pictures that her suite mates deviously put up on Facebook.

Grace Stonecipher
Seattle, Washington

When Grace isn’t exploring the mountains, she can be found rock climbing or playing in the dirt on a farm.  She loves GORP with extra chocolate, and promises to not mistake the pancake mix for powdered milk.

Jacob Taswell
Bethesda, Maryland

Jacob enjoyed his first hiking trip at one month old from the comfort of a child carrier backpack. Ever since, he has been trying to find someone who will assist him in completing his dream of thru-riding the AT.

Jade Harvey
Los Angeles, California

Jade might love peanut butter even more than she loves her fantastic friends. (Please don't tell her friends.)

James Landefeld
Mercer Island, Washington

Raised by the crunchy granola hipsters, mountain yetis, and Microsoft nerds of Seattle (aka the greatest city in the world), James came to Yale with a love of the outdoors. He is on the men’s lightweight crew team, and also enjoys skiing, bikinig, hiking (of course!!) and sailing. And also listening to Taylor Swift. Because if we’re being honest with ourselves, deep down we all love TSwizzie.

Joe English
Galway, New York

Torts in moderation. America in excess.

John Volquez
Bronx, New York

John was born and raised in the Bronx, New York but he absolutely despises the Yankees (He’s a Red Sox fan). He loves basketball, spending time with friends, listening to music, and binge watching great TV shows: Game of Thrones, of course.

Juliet Strauss
Larchmont, New York

Roses are red, violets are blue, and I love baking, running, animals, traveling, and sunsets in Fire Island. Oh and I'm bad at rhyming...

(P.S: That sassy llama spit in my face.)

Kameron Hutchinson
Brooklyn, New York

“I knew a guy, who knew this guy, who knew this guy, who knew this guy’s cousin...”

Anyway, Kameron was reared in the paradise that we have come to know as Brooklyn, New York. He’s a huge city lover but sometimes he likes to escape to a different environment... So he watches Spongebob for hours at a time to unwind. The only point of the biography is to convey the fact that I love Spongebob Squarepants.

Kat Wyatt
New York, New York

Kat is a child of two worlds – winters in New York City, and summers on a horse farm in New Hampshire. She also spent four months working in New Zealand, because why not!? Kat loves horses, bushwhacking, climbing tall things, canoes, big sweaters, tea, and warm hugs. Combine them all, and you almost get the amount that Kat loves FOOT.

Laura Goetz
Silver Spring, Maryland

"PB and Badass," loves rugby, writing, feminism, science, and pretending to work while actually going on tumblr. She aspires to be a combination of Wonder Woman and Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, eats FOOT-food for breakfast every morning, and takes on the patriarchy, armed with drumsticks, a smile, and her signature study break banana.

Lily Sawyer-Kaplan
New Haven, Connecticut

If you see a girl around campus consumed by crazy curly hair, that's probably Lily. If she's holding a cup of coffee and is running late, it's definitely Lily.

Lydia Keating
Little Compton, Rhode Island

Famous American hip-hop artist, Kanye West, once said, "hurry up with my damn croissants". I wish I had been there because I would have looked him square in the eye and said, "Kanye, let's go make our own croissants".

Magdalena Zielonka
Brooklyn, New York

Magda loves elephants, food, Disney movies, Christmas, food, the wilderness, and food. Back at home, her daily routine consisted of swimming in the East River, climbing trees with squirrels in Central Park, and people-watching with pigeons from the roofs of buildings.

Maia Hirschler
New York, New York

In Maia’s ideal world, canoes would be the primary mode of transportation, Olivia Pope would be President of the United States, everyone would have impeccable grammar and naptime would be mandatory. Also, everyone would go on FOOT!

Matt Sant-Miller
Rochester, New York

Hailing from the frozen tundra of Rochester, New York, Matt loves sports, chicken tenders, and Matt & Kim. He dreams of a way to combine the three.

Max Bryski
Washington, DC

Max loves FOOT, and when he is not singing with the Glee Club, playing tennis, or throwing for 4th and long on Old Campus, you can find him researching innovative new ways to consume salsa on this year's FOOT trip. Born and raised in DC, Max is an avid Green Bay Packers fan...Go figure! Go Packers!

Meg Ruan
Arden Hills, Minnesota

Megan likes to eat cereal for every meal of the day (except on FOOT). In her spare time, she likes to bake and her spirit animal is a panda. Contrary to popular belief, she does not store things in her cheeks.

Myles Garbarini
Cohasset, Massachusetts

Myles' favorite food is meatballs. His cat is named Sausage. Once when he was little, he threw up a ham sandwich, and he can never eat ham again.

Nat Haslett
Lincoln, Massachusetts

Nat falls asleep dreaming about breakfast. He loves small boats, moon paths, and all activities that end with meals.

Paul Buckley
Orinda, California

Paul likes to think of his life in the following metaphor: As a fine drizzle begins to fall over the western half of the United States, a herd of buffalo in Wyoming begins to migrate south for the winter, a rattlesnake in the California desert slithers under a rock and a wolf in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest in Washington howls to the moon.

Needless to say, Paul lives in a constant state of confusion.

Rob LaRose
Waconia, Minnesota

Rob always holds fish as close to the camera as possible. This way they seem bigger.

Scott Casleton
Oswego, Illinois

Friend: "Scott, your mustache is growing on me."

Scott: "That's funny... It's growing on me, too!"

Sofia Lapides-Wilson
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Sofia always gets vanilla ice cream with the sprinkles on the side to maximize the sprinkles-to-ice-cream ratio. She loves to cook, eat, travel, and laugh with friends.

Taylor Church
Windham, Maine

Taylor loves the outdoors, swimming, and most of all, FOOT! She's a member of the Yale Water Polo team and her favorite city abroad is Florence, Italy.  Her least favorite words are titillating and lover, but the word moist doesn't bother her.

Zoe Dobuler
Branford, Connecticut

Zoe's ideal dinner party would feature Nutella, chaider from Blue State, ravioli, and, of course, FOOT torts. Her guests would include Hillary Clinton, Leonardo da Vinci, Olivia Pope, Zelda Fitzgerald, Sherlock Holmes, and her FOOTies.