FOOT Leaders 2016

Class of 2016

Adam Beckman
Timothy Dwight College
Newton, Massachusetts

Adam loves the smell of Shalila’s chocolate chip pancakes when he wakes up in the morning on Whites Support. He still dreams about what it would have been like to go on a FOOT trip as a freshman.

Alina Aksiyote Bernardete
Berkeley College
Mexico City, Mexico

Alina is forever thirsty for life, adventure and world travel… and always hungry for FOOT Torts (just wait ‘till your first salsa-peanutbutter-nutella-cheese-cinnamon tortilla)! On campus you can find her broadcasting at the radio station, chillin at Koffee? (with a K) and throwing some MuayThai punches at the gym. 

Anna Meixler
Ezra Stiles College
New York, New York

Anna loves spending time in new places, traveling whenever she can and exploring her suburban New York neighborhood. Nothing rivals the beach though. She loves to hike, farm, and draw.

Aoky Sarhan
Branford College
Richmond, Virginia

Aoky is like the moon landing. You want to believe that something that amazing could happen, but deep down you know that NASA just faked the whole thing.

Ariana Shapiro
Branford College
Ithaca, New York

If Ariana could live anywhere in the world it would probably be a treehouse. On a mountain, next to the ocean.

Astrid Pacini
Pierson College
Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts

Astrid smiles a lot. She loves her golden retrievers Dante and Giotto (can you tell she’s Italian?), skiing, sailing, chocolate chips, finding chunky granola before Hannah does, and FOOT. Astrid is a big believer in laughing 20 times a day—no more, no less.

Beau Birdsall
Saybrook College
Kiev, Ukraine

Though sometimes referred to as “the most patriotic person in the world” because of his participation in Yale’s Navy ROTC program, Beau is not actually from America; he grew up in Kiev, Ukraine, where his parents served as missionaries for over 20 years, and where Beau developed the unique set of skills, character traits, and personal values that make him who he is today - your best friend.


Brett Davidson
Ezra Stiles College
Park City, Utah

What does Brett bring to FOOT? Well, I would answer that question with another question. What does FOOT bring to life? Dreams.

Brooke Eastman
Trumbull College
Biglerville, Pennsylvania

Brooke is a queen among apples. Humans are cool too, she guesses.


Christian Probst
Pierson College
Ballwin, Missouri

Christian is a Midwestern boy, born and raised in St. Louis, MO. Even though all of his family and friends believed he would NEVER be able to survive a 6 day hiking trip in the mountains, HE DID! When not combating the naysayers, Christian loves to sing, dance and act. He's involved with theater, a cappella, dance, the St. Thomas More Center and FOOT on campus!

Connor Durkin
Pierson College
Maple Valley, Washington

As a native of the Pacific Northwest, Connor loves to spend his free time hiking and fishing. He refuses to swim in open bodies of water because he is deathly afraid of Octopus.

Curtis Broberg
Jonathan Edwards College
Wenatchee, Washington

Curtis loves being outside and is obsessed with his home state of Washington. He was recently told there is a golden retriever festival in Scotland. He really wants to attend this festival.

Greg Meyer
Morse College
Williston, Vermont

Greg spends most of his time throwing and catching a circular piece of plastic, and/or balancing on a piece of climbing webbing. His dream is to one day become Andy Lewis or Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

Hannah Carrese
Pierson College
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Hannah loves Hillary Clinton.  She also loves creamy peanut butter, Aristotle, climbing 14,000 foot peaks, tele skiing, Australian shepherds named Shanti, and intramural soccer.  She hails from Colorado Springs, Colorado, and always welcomes care packages that include crunchy granola and wool socks (c/o Astrid Pacini, with whom she shares, among other things, a P.O. Box).

Ian Knapp
Branford College
Anchorage, Alaska

Ian is a lifelong Alaskan who enjoys most things. Go talk to him about stuff!

Isaac Hudis
Silliman College
New York, New York

When not in the wilderness, Isaac can be found directing plays, performing in improvisational comedy shows, and wishing he were in the wilderness. In Hebrew, “Isaac” means “laughter”.

Isabella Klitz
Saybrook College
New York, New York

Bella’s dad thinks she is the greatest singer of her generation. Her generation doesn’t agree.

Jacob Osborne
Davenport College
Thetford, Vermont

Jacob has lived in the same blue house in Thetford, Vermont his entire life. He loves acting, carrying things on his back, and realizing every day how much he is like his parents.

Jake Wolf-Sorokin
Calhoun College
Brookline, Massachusetts

When Jake's not consuming torts and cheddar cheese, nothing makes him happier than trading stories round the campfire. He’s told he came from Boston and once cooked a chocolate pizza on the Yale Farm.

Jerelyn Luther
Silliman College
Fairfield, Connecticut

Jerelyn is a huge fan of Harry Potter, old bookstores and bacon. Around campus she’s involved with the Yale Refugee Project, Yale College Democrats, The Globalist and working as a Master’s Aide in Silliman College among other things.  But most of all, she loves FOOT and exploring nature!


Joe Tisch
Trumbull College
New York, New York

If Joe had a foot for every time he spoke about FOOT, he would have plenty of feet.

Johnny Golding
Ezra Stiles College
Almancil, Portugal

Let’s just put it this way: Johnny’s so quirky, he calls his FOOTies, feet, and his feeties, FOOT!

John Keisling
Branford College
East Hampstead, New Hampshire

John is a loose cannon runner who doesn’t play by the rules.  He also likes to fly planes.

Kateline Hullar
Saybrook College
Menlo Park, California

Kateline's nickname since coming to college has become Cattle. She isn't sure if she likes this nickname, but she is sure that she loves FOOT, sushi, and singing. 

Katie Cooke
Branford College
Bellingham, Washington

Besides FOOT, Katie loves coffee, science, and her friends and family, though not necessarily (always) in that order.


Kate McMillan
Davenport College
Houston, Texas

Kate likes scaring people by pretending she’s falling off a steep hill when really there is a secret ledge to support her. She also likes whittling, snacking, and singing when no one is around.

Kendrick Kirk
Ezra Stiles College
Las Vegas, Nevada

Kendrick doesn’t usually refer to himself in the third person, but when he does he does it for FOOT. He also enjoys acting in plays, traveling, spending time with family and friends blah, blah, blah.. In the words of Yale President Salovey, "He ai’ite.”

Lily Vanderbloemen
Calhoun College
Waunakee, Wisconsin

Lily loves laughing lots literally less leaves little lichen limping lawlessly like love. And her favorite knot is the taut-line-hitch (also known as the tent-line hitch, rigger’s hitch, adjustable hitch, or midshipman’s hitch).

Liza Lebedev
Jonathan Edwards College
Paris, France

Liza loves dance, music and hiking or a combination of all three - especially when FOOT people are involved. She has lived in a number of cities, but those are nothing compared to the great outdoors!


Maddy Landon
Silliman College
Friendswood, Texas

Maddy loves bananas, summertime, polka dots, Texas, and FOOT! When she’s an old lady, she wants to own a small burrito café with her three siblings and dog.


Martha Cosgrove
Pierson College
Boston, Massachusetts

Martha is the illegitimate love child of white trash 90s and canadian sugar pie - so put on your platform keds and lets go ride a moose!

Matt Goldklang
Ezra Stiles College
Rancho Santa Fe, California

If a genie in a bottle told Matt he had three wishes, he would wish for a copious amount of burritos (two a day), a pet river otter named falafel, and a log cabin in the middle of Alaska.

Natalie Epstein
Pierson College
Los Angeles, California

Natalie is an an avid fan of dogs.


Nik Laskaris
Davenport College
Waitsfield, Vermont

Nik is a retired Yak farmer who loves airports, olives, and topographic maps. He likes to use yak puns as much as possible, and is currently learning to appreciate eggplant. It's not going well.

Owen Kaye-Kauderer
Berkeley College
New York, New York

While Owen may be from New York City, he’s as rugged a mountain man as there is. He is better known is some circles by his trail name, Dr. Dreidel, because of his unmatchable rapping skills.


Peter Wyckoff
Saybrook College
Paris, France

Peter loves to go on walks, runs and adventures. He always wished he could fly, but has settled for hiking mountains.


Rafi Bildner
Davenport College
Montclair, New Jersey

Rafi’s spirit animal is a marmot. He feels most at home in the back country of New England, and can’t wait to spend a few days in the woods with you. He loves cooking, especially over a MSR whisperlite camp stove.

Reilly Foote
Trumbull College
Cambridge, Massachusetts

"Why did someone write FOOT with an E on all their stuff?"

Sam Gardner
Jonathan Edwards College
Haddonfield, New Jersey

The summer before freshman year Sam couldn’t imagine camping for 6 days, but she loved it so much that here she is- a FOOT leader! She also loves traveling and immersing herself in different cultures, getting to know people, the Middle East, and Yale!

Sara Hamilton
Ezra Stiles College
Charleston, West Virginia

Sara grew up running around in the woods, and is now happy that she now has a more legitimate-sounding way to do that. She loves all things FOOT and all things food.

Sara Kahanamoku-Snelling
Morse College
Hale’iwa, Hawai’i

Sara’s love for FOOT rivals my love for the ocean… and squirrels

Shalila de Bourmont
Jonathan Edwards College
Hilo, Hawaii

Born in Colombia, raised in Hawaii, but the White Mountains is where Shalila’s heart lies. She’s also an addicted trail runner with an unnatural love for bearbags, knot making, and FOOT torts!

Skylar Shibayama
Saybrook College
Shoreline, Washington

Skylar is adept at losing water bottles and ballpoint pens. He likes FOOT because hiking is pretty in tents.

Sophie Paci
Jonathan Edwards College
New York, New York

If Sophie had another life she would probably live in the Magic Kingdom with all her Disney friends. Because that isn’t her life, she is pretty satisfied hanging out with all her FOOT friends. She loves to eat torts, drink out of her camelbak, and play fun games like WA!!

Taylor McHugh
Timothy Dwight College
Orlando, Florida

Taylor is involved in greek life, comedy, sports, and theater on campus, but FOOT is the best because: hiking + new tort combinations + FOOTies = heaven


Tim Follo
Morse College
Falmouth, Maine

Tim finds it funny that he spends most of his time studying computers and playing with technology though he feels most at home in places without electricity. He also likes to talk about this and other things with cool friends, which he has some of.

TlalliAztlan Moya-Smith
Silliman College
Oakland, California

Tlalli Moya-Smith, more commonly referred to as “Tlallz”, “”, or “Tlallipop”, is a renowned bird caller and professional baker. She enjoys shooting arrows at things, climbing large rocks, and has been told she wears too much floral.


Truett Davis
Pierson College
Dallas, Texas

Truett like long walks in the woods and going for days without showering.

Will Conlon
Ezra Stiles College
West Cornwall, Vermont

Will loves the outdoors, hiking, skiing, or running. After a long internal debate, he’s decided fall is his favorite season.