Returning to Yale on Friday

When will students arrive back on campus?

The trips are scheduled to return to Old Campus between noon and 2 pm on Thursday, August 27.

When should parents arrive on campus? What can they do while they wait for their students to return?

We suggest parents to arrive on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning.

They can help unload their child’s furniture, boxes, and other belongings. Also, be aware that move-in day on Friday is the worst traffic day of the year in New Haven!  However, there are lots of other Yale students on hand to help with moving items!

How long do parents usually stay on campus to help their students move in?

Many parents stay for the weekend to help with room set-up, driving to Wal-Mart, Ikea, etc. Some parents leave by Saturday evening while others stay through Sunday. But remember, as much as your student loves you and as much as they will miss you, most students are excited to meet their new classmates and are generally busy with scheduled activities.

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