Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about FOOT?  No problem at all!

1. Deadlines, Forms, and More!

I don’t know if I can afford to do FOOT. Do I qualify for financial aid?

Whether you qualify for financial aid or not, FOOT is FREE for all! 

I missed the application deadline! Can I still apply?

YES! Trips do fill up quickly, but we will most likely be able to accommodate you on one of the many FOOT trips. If all trips are full, we will put you on the waiting list and contact you when there is an opening.

Where do I send my scanned med forms?

Please send everything in to:

When are the deadlines to turn in the medical forms?

July 15th! 

My med forms are late! Is that okay?

Rest assured you are still eligible to attend FOOT, but please get those forms sent in as soon as you can! We cannot complete your application until we know you have been examined by a doctor and then given final approval by the Yale health services.

Can I receive another set of medical forms and/or equipment list?

Yes! You can download them on the FOOT website forms link.

Can we substitute other medical forms for the FOOT medical forms?

We prefer the FOOT medical forms. If for some odd, out-of-this-world reason you must submit a substitute medical form, make sure that ALL of the questions on the FOOT medical forms are answered PLUS, we need the FOOT Medical Form Part II to be signed by an examining physician that says you are able to participate on FOOT.

I had a physical last year. Do I need to get another physical for FOOT?

Yes. We require all students to have a recent medical exam. Most importantly, the student’s doctor must sign the FOOT Medical Form Part II concerning the student’s ability to participate in a program such as FOOT.

2. Trip Assignments, Withdrawing, and More!

Can transfer students go on a FOOT trip?

YES, absolutely! Past transfer students have had very positive experiences on FOOT and have even gone on to be leaders! 

Can I be on the same trip as my friend?

Now, why would you want to do that? You have all four years to hang out with your friends, why not spend your time at FOOT meeting new ones?

What if I can no longer attend the FOOT program?

Contact the FOOT summer coordinators and let them know immediately!

3. Other, and More!

Is FOOT the coolest preorientation program at Yale?


If you’re still finding yourself confused, please feel free to contact us!