Typical Day

In the morning, your leaders wake up before the rest of the group to make plans for the day. Then they wake up the FOOTies (that’s you!), and everyone helps with morning tasks—fixing breakfast, taking down the shelter, and packing up camp. After a good breakfast, the group sets off on the trail.

Depending on the trip and the terrain, mileage can vary. Usually, a group will hike between four and eight miles per day. The hiking is meant to be challenging, but doable. There are plenty of stops for water and trail mix—resting frequently keeps hikers healthy! Each day, you will probably climb some small peaks and experience beautiful, and even breathtaking, views of the New England countryside. While on the trail, you have plenty of time to talk with the people near you and play trail games.

Routes are designed so that lunch is a time to rest and recharge after a morning of hiking. Everyone gets the chance to take off their packs, relax, and eat, frequently at a scenic location like the top of a mountain! Sometimes, lunch can even take place at the next campsite if it’s a short day and the afternoon can be spent cooling off in mountain streams, taking a nap in the sun, or exploring the area. However, there’s usually more hiking to be done before the group arrives at the campsite for the night!

Once at the campsite, packs come off and everyone helps set up camp. Leaders will show their FOOTies how to construct a dry, comfortable shelter made from tarps; set up an area for hanging food overnight; cook dinner over a portable stove; and gather water. Once those tasks are completed, there is generally plenty of time to decompress and cook a delicious hot dinner.

After dinner, all the food and packs are stored safely for the night, and everyone gathers in the cozy shelter they’ve constructed. At night, the group can relax and enjoy each other’s company, play games, or just talk. Soon enough the tired group falls asleep, ready for more hiking the next morning.