Our menu is designed to provide the energy necessary for FOOTies to healthfully complete their trips. The menu is entirely vegetarian and we are happy to accommodate any food allergies, just let us know in your application!

Breakfast: Chocolate chip pancakes, oatmeal with brown sugar, or granola with powdered milk.

Lunch: Tortillas filled with your choice of cheese, salsa, peanut butter, jelly, cucumbers, peppers, mushrooms and an assortment of spices!

Dinner: Gourmet on the trail! Traditional dinners include beans and pastas, quesadillas with vegetables, salsa and cheese! The most special dinners end with delicious fried tortillas covered in cinnamon, honey, syrup and chocolate chips!

Snacks: There will be group granola bars and some GORP (Good Ol’ Raisins and Peanuts) provided, but FOOTies are encouraged to bring some of their own!

Drinks: Water will be purified using iodine or bleach (for those with shellfish allergies). Hot chocolate is provided, but FOOTies are encouraged to bring their own additional hot drinks (tea, coffee).

Remember! When mixing and matching food options, Delicious + Delicious = Delicious!