Delaware Water Gap

The trail you will be hiking on is a picturesque section of the National Scenic Appalachian Trail that runs from Georgia to Maine. The famed Water Gap is a National Recreation Area and is formed by Middle Delaware River’s passage between low forested mountains and rocky mountain ridges. You might think you are hiking in Delaware, but you actually are in New Jersey!
The Appalachian Trail is an iconic East Coast attraction that stretches 2,200 miles from Georgia to Maine. Its natural beauty has compelled hikers to return again and again. Many dedicated conservation organizations maintain various sections of the trail, making the AT an important institution for the outdoors community all along the East Coast.
Besides hiking on the Appalachian Trail in New Jersey, FOOT trips continue to hike the AT in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont.
FOOT trips in the Appalachian Trail region can expect a luscious green landscape complete with open fields, dense woods, and the occasional forest lake. In general, FOOT trips in this region offer less strenuous hikes with fewer large ascents and are designed to provide a well-balanced experience that allows FOOTies to enjoy nature and new company!
Even though some days may have significant mileage, Appalachian Trail trips are designed to be accessible to all students. If you’d like to learn more about the Appalachian Trail, please visit:
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