Equipment and Food

Please read the equipment list carefully! We recommend downloading it from our webpage. When getting equipment, it’s a good idea to look in your attic or basement before you go to the store. You will be a great help to us if you can bring your own equipment or borrow from friends!

Sleeping bags and backpacks are free to borrow if needed. If you didn’t already reserve this equipment, you may contact the summer coordinators.

The one piece of equipment that you will have to purchase if you do not already own is a good pair of hiking boots.  These do not need to be fancy, expensive boots, but rather boots that have good ankle support and thick soles. You can find decent boots at the army-navy store. When thinking ahead to FOOT, it is ideal to purchase boots early in the summer and wear them in well before the trips begin to avoid blisters.  Blisters will not lead to a fun trip!

Please make sure you have plenty of wool (a wool sweater, hat, gloves, etc). Even though it’s August, the nights are chilly. When you arrive at Yale, your leader will check all your equipment to make sure you’re ready.  If you are lacking something, you may have to make a trip to the store and purchase it.  It is a good idea to double-check your equipment before you come to Yale just in case!

When you pack up your backpack, make sure there are no rips and that it packs tightly.  Use the nylon straps or rope to secure your sleeping bag or whatever else you have attached to it. Your leaders will show you the rest!