White Mountains

In case you were wondering what the White Mountains are like: The White Mountains are in northern New Hampshire and include much wilderness. You will be hiking in National Forest Land. The terrain is rugged and mountainous with some alpine zones. The highest mountain is Mt. Washington, which is 6,288 ft. high. The region has numerous streams and ponds. There are panoramic views, rocky ravines with beautiful
cascades and dense forests. The region is mostly forested–there is a wide range of habitats, but the spruce-fir forest dominates the higher elevations. The hiking here is strenuous.
Many of the trips depart and end in Franconia Notch and hike in the Pemigewasset Wilderness area of the National Forest. The Appalachian Trail also is part of the many trail system throughout the region.
Why do they call them the White Mountains? According to tradition, the mountains were first sighted from shipboard off the coast near the Piscataqua estuary. The highest peaks would often be snow-capped. An alternate theory is that the mica-laden granite of the summits looked “white” to observers.
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