Our Trips

Please see our home page for information about the modified version of FOOT for 2020. 


FOOT runs trips in five different regions of the Northeast, each with its own unique flavor.  Two upper-level students will lead each group of 8-10 freshmen or transfer students.  The groups hike about six or seven miles a day over hilly and sometimes mountainous terrain. 

Trips run for either 4 or 6 days, and the length of each trip as well as the trip’s technical difficulty varies by region, but all trips are open to first-time hikers and seasoned pros alike! 

The White Mountains and the Catskills offer the most challenging hikes; Vermont, the Berkshires and the Appalachian Trail in CT and NY offer moderate-to-challenging hikes.  

In addition to the more traditional backpacking experience, we offer base camp trips for students who prefer day hikes. These trips will be based in the White Mountains, the Catskills and the Appalachian Trail and are appropriate for students of all levels of ability and experience. 

Check out the region descriptions on the “Trips and Testimonials” pull-down menu to find the trip that’s right for you! 

Should Covid-19 limit where we can hike, we will offer day hikes from the Yale campus to local parks and nearby trails, with the same wonderful FOOT experience!