White Mountains

The White Mountains of New Hampshire include some of FOOT’s most rigorous terrain. The landscape is rugged and mountainous –  you’ll have your fair share of both steep ascents and windy nights. The Whites will reward your effort with beautiful hikes along flat ridgelines, refreshing streams, and serene ponds. Once you’re above the treeline – which you are on most trails – it’s as if you’re walking in the heavens, above the clouds and among vast expanses of mountain scrub, moss, little shrubs, and scraggly rocks. Trips along this northern part of the Appalachian Trail may encounter through-hikers nearing the end of their 2,200 mile adventures.

The White Mountains are fitting for those who enjoy strenuous activity. If you appreciate a solid workout and incredible views from Mother Nature, a FOOT trip in the White Mountains is for you! But like all FOOT trips, no prior backpacking experience is expected.

For more information on this region, please visit the official website for the  White Mountains.